Pokemon ORAS Countdown is the Unofficial Countdown for the Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Sign ups for the event are now open till the 1st of August!



hmm i never uploaded these on tumblr…

crops/wips for my pkmn travel project!

Countdown site for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire IS UP!!!!

Sign ups will be on the 22nd of this month sooooo be sure to check back if you want to participate!

too much backlighting in my doodys recently but its so quick and fun to doooo….

First 100 order bonus has been claimed!


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This BW/2 illustration fanbook by Namie is now up for order!

 Full colour! Paperback + Perfect Binding

★ A lot of obsessive love for this gen

★ Size: Us Letter (8.5” x 11”)(215.9 mm × 279.4 mm)
★ Pages: 40 (excluding cover)

★ Guest artist list:

★  Once this book sells out, there’s a high chance it will not be reprinted. I’ll consider if there is high demand for it, but treat it as the last chance to get it.

Sorry for the realllyyy long wait to put normal orders up! I’ve included a bonus for the wait. The first 100 orders will get this for free, which saves you 6 bucks!

Sorry the above offer is now over!

» Order HERE! «

Please have a look at the FAQ for questions, or if the question isn’t answered, send an ask!

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Translucent plastic pokefood cards set! Light shines through the card to make parts more and less visible.

!Up for online order!


I’m gonna print this on sparkly stuff so it’s like shiny bookmarks with shiny protags with shiny pokemon 

I’ll put them online for order in a month or so i think


They are now up to order online!

i might… like ///// noya… a lil……….bit

Touhou 1hr drawing challenge! it feels so good to find an excuse to draw pretty toohoos again

My favourite pokemon game turns 2 in Japan today! thank you BW2!!!!!

What I drew this for… is a secret for now!

btw I’m going to try to open my shop again next week! So yeah the unova books will be in stock again very soon!

browndan x brendan

what’s currently HOT IN HOENN are summer tans and oversized bows!