the last 3 are those 60 min challenges on twitter. I keep choosing to draw cute girls im so weak

Extremely ordinary magician


Birthday gift sent to Namie Love yooouuu <3<3


for Namie

I wish you all the best


Happy belated birthday to my jailbro Nammmmm!!!!

I can never forget the squishy sweet serena you drew for my bananas so in return I wanna draw you a kongou!!!! I wish for you to have lots of love, sweets, hyuus,donuts and a lot more to the years to come!



I’m super awkward with words but thank you so much for being such an inspiring artist and friend!! You’re very friendly and funny that talking to you always brighten my day up no matter how tired I’ve been! You have no idea how much I smiled seeing you on twitter again omg

Wish you get lots of cake, cake, sweets (cake), food and love today and to the years to come!!!


/watches the time tick down to 00:00.  


Another YEAR already!! baahhhh -grabs you and kissesss-  Ill forever be so so proud of being able to watch you and be beside you as you grow up//// times feels like its going faster and faster huh~ haha  

May you have maaaaany mannny more years like this to come, blessed with everyone’s love, and working admirably hard to achieve your goals!! sighsss /// you are one of the most darlingest person I know, sometimes I do feel like I dont express myself well enough ;A;)// Im always really happy when you rely on me when you need to// its my job as waifu to keep that smile on your face uufufu~ I can’t even holdd all the feeellingss I have for you waifuuuu-!!((( இωஇ )))

Im really looking forward to /THAT/ /winkwonk!!! ITS SOOOOON!, I cant wait to twirl you round in my arms and spoil you rotten /w\) uuuu—-Have a lovely LOVELY day on your birthday and eat tons of cake and have lots of laughs!!! /you’ve been working hard/massages your shoulder;w;

\o/  Ill be looking forward to you telling me all about it on our next date ehee~ 

i’ve known lulupu ever since we were chuuni and beginners at drawing and she’s always been the most supportive, inspirational, compassionate  and kindest person ever to me ;_; thank you so much… 

Snowpoint city for my next project!! I want to make ~something~ tourism themed based on traveling to the pokemon universe.

Pixiv / DAwork in progress shots1 / 2

favourite kids

We might not get the same protags but congrats to the hoenn kids anyway!

I love sailor and marine themes the best! also I love dressing up pokeprotags!!! They’re my perfect models!!!!!

I want more rain here!

random poke stuff!!!

i’m not the same person i was before i finished wada….

Chef and Waitress!