^o^; getting there

everyone in pokemon wears rainbows!!!!

geeh pulling an all nighter because the deadline for this is tomorrow (today)


what the hell this is less than half the canvas

I love thinking of poses that fit each character though, but I can’t say anything because it’s blargh right now

not pokemon orz sorry i’ve been so obsessed about bw2 ha….hah… Full will be in my next book!

Also i’ll be holding a touhou illust contest soon. The prizes include being printed in the book and a whole heap of touhou goods (nendos, plushies, something that’s not sold anymore too!) \o//;

Psst just for tumblr, the theme is gonna be crossover.

u-um yeah

silly comic will be 9 pages long;; dangy

About this picture I wonder if I can even finish it in time now because for days i’ve been stuck

um well uh……… All i need to do is colour hihihikun but I drew him t-t-topless and I JUST CAN’T LOOK AT IT for more than a minute without giggling and blushing omg i am pathetic

cutie cutie babububububus ^q^^! i’ll include hihihikun too

Male protag’s hair ended up as a butt censor I didn’t even intend it to whoops

keine x keine ^q^

hawyiis it’s seegee time!

Still need to finish the hihihi one, but i’m stuck on ideas, any suggests of what he should do?

BW2 Shimeji in progress! I wanna make the male trainer and the rival as well

one of my more fun assignments I get to design different lolitas

This is wa and sailor

yeah im doing cats

they’re at the bottom of the canvas though;;

hum hooo